AGM & Annual Conference


Annual Conference is the supreme body of the Scottish Green Party (SGP), and is open to all members. It makes policies and sets the Party’s rules, on a one- person, one-vote basis, as well as providing a location for seminars, discussions, and social events. Informal policy and strategy discussions are often held at a second spring conference.


Council is where all the different sections of SGP come together to plan strategy and take administrative and political decisions. Gender balance is a constitutional aim of SGP in both committee membership and elected representatives.

National Committees

We are always looking for people with relevant skills to join our national committees, which keep the party running. Elections to national committees are held every October, and you are welcome to stand for one, or simply volunteer. Please contact the committee for more details, details of the committees can be seen via the menu on the right hand side or via this link

Your Local Branch

Branches are the grassroots of SGP, and new members are encouraged to engage with local branch activities first. Branches set their own campaign and election strategies and send delegates to the quarterly Council Meeting.