Elect more Greens to Glasgow City Council

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A monthly donation to Glasgow branch will help deliver a record-breaking result as we work hard to elect ten councillors in 2022.

Your monthly donation will make a huge difference. The Scottish Greens are a people-powered party. All of our campaigning is made possible thanks to support from people like you. We have no corporate backers or dark money, but we have something far more important. Thousands of passionate supporters who are committed to saving the planet and creating a brighter future for Scotland. Together we can’t be stopped!

The Greens in Glasgow can win with your help

Your regular donation will directly fund the campaign here in Glasgow, allowing us to

* Print and distribute more leaflets and posters

* Send targeted letters to potential Green voters

* Employ local campaign staff

As a campaign sponsor, you will be invited to local events and we will stay in touch with you so that you know what’s happening. We need Greens at all levels of government more than ever before. Thank you for helping make it happen.

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