Due to restrictions on gathering in person, the Scottish Greens have been using Hopin to hold our Policy Events and Conferences (with the view that it best replicates the "in-person" experience). 

If you haven't used Hopin previously please take a moment to sign up for an account with Hopin now.

A few days in advance of the event you will be emailed a Hopin link/ links to allow you to register and gain access to the event you are attending.

What you need

For the best possible experience, not just for you, but for all other attendees we recommend:

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer
  • If you plan on speaking please use headphones to avoid feedback.
  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser (Firefox works best with low-bandwidth internet connections)
  • Close down other non-essential programs

Accessing the event via a Mobile or Tablet (viewing only)

Works best with - 

Mobile App - iOS/ IPadOS

Mobile App - Android

If using a Mobile Browser please use Google Chrome with Android devices and Safari for iOS (Apple) Mobile devices. Please note that mobile devices will not allow you to share Audio and Video effectively.

If you are having problems

Third-party extensions can affect the Hopin experience so we also highly recommend opening the event in -

  • Incognito mode (command+Shift+N on macOS or Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows) on Chrome
  • Private tab (command+Shift+P for macOS or Ctrl+Shift+P for Windows) on Firefox.

It is having issues on Hopin it is also worth refreshing or reloading the browser page, as this will often fix the problem!

People can't see and/ or can't hear me in a Session

A possible reason your camera (video) or your mic don't work can be that if you've used some other software such as Zoom or Teams then it may have taken exclusive use of that device. Try shutting down / quitting any other such software on the machine.

Help on the day

A volunteer will be on hand however please only use after re-checking instructions as volunteer capacity is limited for this event.

The more people follow these instructions, the less problems we’ll have during the event and the better the experience for everyone!

Getting around the Hopin Conference space

Hopin has five areas – the menu bar appears on the left. Please note that for some events only the Reception and Sessions areas shall be in use.


When you first enter the event you’ll land in the Reception area, here you’ll find the schedule for the event as well as announcements, updates and any links.


The stage is where you’ll watch speeches and keynotes. Use the event chat on the right-hand side to ask questions at appropriate points in proceedings.


The Sessions element of Hopin is where you will find Panel Sessions, Fringes, discussion groups, training sessions, breakouts and perhaps even the odd-session to catch up in a more informal manner e.g. The Social Lounge.


Chat with fellow Greens, selected at random, during specific times in the programme. You can leave after 30 seconds or if you have common interests chat for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Press the blue “Connect” button if you wish to swap contact details.

Looking for someone specific? Please click on ‘people’ next to the chat function and find the person you wish to connect with. Chat may be disabled during certain segments of Conference.

Additional Help

Hopin has a comprehensive Knowledge Base that you can read or search for help on how to use the system.

Hopin also have a very good set of introductory video tutorials that you can watch to get a feel for the system before you attend.

How to participate in Sessions

Viewing a Session

When you first join a Session you join as a 'viewer'. A viewer watches the talks and participates in the textual chat but does not share their video or sound or their screen. If you are a speaker or need to speak verbally to ask a question then there is a button you click to request to join the other speakers by sharing your microphone and your camera.

Seeing the Speaker's screen or slides

The slides show up as a second pane in the video area so that you can still see the person showing the slides. Attendees can make slides bigger by double clicking them. Any of the speakers' videos can also be made bigger by double-clicking on it. By double-clicking again you can return the panes to the original size.

Speaking in a Session

When you are an audio / video participant (i.e. a speaker or moderator or you briefly want to ask a question) then Hopin will ask which devices you want it to use for hearing you (your Mic) and showing your video (your camera).

Don't worry if you pick the wrong devices at first as there is a button that allows you to bring up the 'Audio/Video Settings' dialog to be able go back and select a different device (if you have more than one Mic or Camera).

Speakers - sharing your screen or slides

Click on the button that looks like a computer monitor with a red line through it.

A dialog opens up that lets you choose between sharing an entire screen (i.e. one of your desktops), or an Application Window (such as an instance of a PowerPoint). See also: Sharing your Powerpoint | Hopin Support

More info

See also the Hopin Help Page covering Sessions