What does this committee do?

  • Mediate in conflicts and misunderstandings between members
  • Help settle conflicts when they grow too big to be managed within branches
  • Ensure the standards of conduct we agreed on as a Party are upheld

Why should members consider joining this committee?

Conflict and misunderstanding is challenging but an opportunity to learn and better ourselves. Are you someone who has experience dealing with conflicts? Then we need you on CCC. CCC is there to help ease the inevitable friction which occurs when humans come together towards a fruitful outcome. CCC is there to ensure that our Code of Conduct is upheld. Most CCC members are elected by the branches; each selects a Welfare and Conduct Officer who'll be on the committee. The committee is then led by two co-conveners elected by all SGP members who coordinate the various tasks and are the first points of contact for anyone who doesn't want to approach a branch WCO or doesn’t know which one to approach. It is important that we have committee members who reflect the diversity and different experiences of Party members.

What kind of time commitment is required?

Each case is different so this is hard to judge; on average 20 hours per month is needed for the Co-convenor work. This should be divided between the Co-convenors.

What are the roles of the various members of the committee?

You are the first point of contact for party members through or Some questions are purely for clarification purposes, some issues require mediation, and some require more formal proceedings set down in the Conduct and Complaints Procedure. You're also the contact for the branch WCOs in case they come across something they need wider CCC help with. It's for you to coordinate all this. In the case of a formal procedure one of the Co-convenors  is usually the process facilitator. It is preferred that the CCC co-convenors don't hold any other roles within the party. However it is understandable that this role might be combined with another role, particularly with that of branch WCO. Should there be multiple candidates for the CCC co-convenor positions, those without any other SGP positions are prioritised for selection.