Spring Conference 2020

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To make Conference accessible fees are based on ability to pay.

If you have the means please consider a donation which helps us to keep conference accessible to all members.

If you would struggle to attend Conference for financial reasons, please consider applying for the Access Fund. This fund covers the costs of fees and also help with travel and accommodation. The Conference Access Fund is entirely funded by donations from members and exists to improve accessibility to Conference. It is open to anyone who has been a member for one year or longer. Please contact caroline.thompson@scottishgreens.org.uk. to apply.

Every donation to the Conference Access Fund subsidises ticket prices for those who otherwise could not be in a financial position to attend.

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We rely on a team of volunteers to help conference run smoothly. If you'd like to join us this year please send us an email with your details eventvolunteers@scottishgreens.org.uk.

Please provide any information on additional support required at this event