Virtual phone bank - with Lorna Slater & Kate Nevens

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February 17th, 2021 7:00 PM through  8:30 PM

7pm-8.30pm, Wednesday 17th February.


Join us for a virtual phone-banking session with two of Lothian's lead candidates - Lorna Slater and Kate Nevens. No prior experience required!

With just three months until the Scottish Parliament elections, there is so much at stake. The coronavirus recovery, another independence referendum, and just years left to tackle the climate crisis.  We need Green voices to be heard on these issues. When the lockdown is over, we need to be ready with an army of activists to deliver leaflets, put up posters and spread the word about the big ideas we stand for. 

Come along to our virtual phone-banking sessions and help us call up Scottish Green Party members to get them involved in the campaign. (Note: you’re welcome to join even if you don’t live in the region being called )

How it works: 

You, and your fellow phonebankers, will log into a video call via a computer/tablet, where a member of staff will explain everything and provide you with a list of phone numbers.  You’ll also hear from one of the party’s lead candidates. After that, everyone will mute themselves on the video call and begin using their own phones to call up party members off the list. If you have questions, or want to speak to your fellow phone-bankers in between calls, then you unmute the video call and chat away. 

Don’t worry: because we’re calling up people who are already members of the Scottish Greens, they’ll be very friendly and happy to hear from you! 

You’ll need: 

  1. A computer or tablet that you can join the video call with. 

  2. A phone that you’re happy to make calls from.

  3. Yourself! 

  4. A cup of tea (optional).

Fill in your details below to sign up. If you have questions, feel free to email